weight loss of 1-2 stones in 90 days!

The best way to lose weight AND feel great is a LCHF lifestyle: Low carb, medium protein and healthy fat.

Want to lose weight, look great and amaze your friends and family with your weight loss?

Ali did it with a ketogenic lifestyle and she achieved it...losing 5 stone in just one year!

If she can then so can you!

In just one year, Ali lost 5 stone!


"I've lost 5 stone since starting Banting (a Ketogenic lifestyle). I've always done the cycling and other exercise but my eating was dreadful - either so called strict "healthy" eating (low fat, low calorie etc) or bingeing because my body (and mind) was screaming out for real food and nutrients. Banting has changed everything. I haven't eaten out of banting guidelines since September, not just because the weight loss was amazing but because my whole approach to food is different. I genuinely don't want or feel the need to eat in any other way now. I fuel a full time shift working job, studying, family and many many miles and hills on the bike with low carb healthy fat options and feel fabulous (believe me when I say that hills are far easier with less weight to push up them!). People keep saying well done to me but in honesty the first 2-3 weeks of banting were tough while I adapted but since then it has been so simple, easy and effective that I feel that the achievements shouldn't be mine but the Banting lifestyle"   - Ali Acaster, Poole

Think you can follow some simple weight loss secrets?

Then you need to start Banting (another name for a Ketogenic lifestyle - named after William Banting, the first man to make it popular in 1863) today, but only do so if...

Training Program

We understand that change is difficult and particularly weight loss. So that's why we created the best low carb healthy fat/ketogenic coaching program in the world, so that you are guaranteed to lose weight and rebuild your healthier future self. All successful people understand the importance of coaching, just ask Sir Mo Farah and Sir Bradley Wiggins. Why are you any different? Our programs whether group or personal 1-to-1 will give you everything you need to break out of the rut you're in, to help you lose weight and put you back on the path to health and happiness. They all include the following...


Informative Content

All the re-education about healthy eating you need, delivered through video lectures and notes. No more myths!

Cooking Lessons & Recipes

Health begins in the kitchen. Learn to cook delicious real food into meals that will make you healthy and slim.

Meal Plans

Weekly meal plans that will help you stay on track. Fail to plan and you plan to fail!


Engage and be supported by a community of fellow Banters. We thrive together!

Hands-on Support

Dedicated to helping you to lose weight and reach your health goals. Accountability and nurture lead to action!

through certified coaching...

Please use this link to see the different support groups, schedules and availability for:
  • Online Groups
  • Meeting Groups
  • Personal Coaching
  • Couples Program
All programs are Real Meal Revolution Banting 2.0 certified
Tel: 01202 798680
  Do it now!
  • Group support has been shown to be 80% more successful when attempting sustainable lifestyle changes
  • We often run out of motivation on our own
  • Encouragement and support of peers can be a priceless asset in your battle with change
  • Daily monitoring means things get measured and when things get measured they get done!
  • Hands-on support from a knowledgable coach speeds up the learning process and leads to success
  • Guidance is essential as you attempt to navigate a new course in life
  • Life lessons from people who have already successfully gone through what you are going through now

About Paul

PaulI’m a chiropractor and I’ll admit a bit of a nonconformist when it comes to health and the sea of misinformation that exists out there. I like to dig deep.

For 20 years, studying and applying the very latest science in nutrition, psychology and exercise in various clinical settings, I have enjoyed helping thousands of people get unstuck from their cycle of miseducation and addiction to unhealthy lifestyles.

I have been on a crusade to enlighten and empower ordinary people to lose weight and improve their wellbeing and happiness. It’s what lights my fire.

If I can lose 30lbs of excess fat on low carb with ease (and without hitting the gym every day!) then so can you.

Don't just take our word for it either, read how Banting transformed this family's lives too...


"I started Banting after attending some of Paul's healthy living talks, everything he said made sense. As I suffer with ulcerative colitis, the information about carbohydrate causing inflammation really made it obvious that I needed to make changes to my diet, for the sake of my health.

Within weeks I no longer had any of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. I also had tons more energy, to be honest I didn't think that I lacked energy before, but the change was amazing. 
I also rapidly lost weight and inches, I am now 8 and a half stone, lighter than I have ever been in adulthood, (I usually swing around 9 and three quarters to ten stone). 

You are an excellent coach. I have learnt so much, you have changed my eating habits beyond recognition.
If you told me before that I wouldn't be eating takeaway from one month to the next, and that I would be cooking veg, I would have been speechless. 
I absolutely recommended Banting."

Sarah Byrne, Bournemouth


About Mark

PaulI'm an ordinary guy, happily married and the father of three lovely children ranging in age from six to 13. Like you, I have tried to hold down a career and juggle the many challenges of modern life.

Despite exercising regularly, I found that in recent years my health began to suffer, my belly grew and I found it difficult to lose weight .

Over the decades I have followed Paul’s journey closely and applied many of his recommendations, always with positive results. So when he started looking better than ever after his amazing weight loss success  – I sat up and took Banting seriously.

It has worked wonders for me (over 28lbs weight loss!) and I know it can for you too. The great thing is, it's simple, delicious and sustainable!





"I began Banting because I saw how well my wife and daughter were doing on it. I have to report only positive results. 
I have more energy for gardening and DIY, my heartburn, from which I have suffered for over half a century has vanished and I have lost over a stone in weight, resulting in comfortable trousers.
Not bad for a chap of almost 80."     

Mr. Byrne, Bournemouth

"At 72 years old and with Multiple Sclerosis, I didn't really expect much from Banting except a slight weight loss. 
I am amazed and thrilled with the 12 week course, which meant I lost 1st 13lbs. 2 inch off waist and 3 inch off stomach.
I have also increased my walking distance from 15 metres to 105 metres without having to rest.
I have managed today to climb some outdoor concrete steps like a normal person i.e. 1 step right leg, 1 step left leg instead of shuffling up right leg, right leg, right leg.  This was unimaginable before Banting I am so much happier and enthusiastic now.  
All this achieved through Paul, our inspiring and so very patient teacher. 
Sincere thanks for all your advice and encouragement."

Adene Byrne, Bournemouth


The Banting Brothers

Together as The Banting Brothers we want to lead the real food, low carb health revolution.

The time for change has been a long time coming and the world is now creaking under the strain of obesity, diabetes, chronic illness and suffering. We have personally experienced the premature death of a loved one, ravaged by chronic illness, and we now want to help others avoid similar tragedy. Health is necessary for happiness, to fully enjoy your life and to be able to spend it productively and meaningfully with family and friends doing the things you love. Don't waste your life being sick and unhappy...there is another way and we can show you what it is.

So we hope you join our Tribe where we'll help you to just three months feel better, look great and make a difference!

What are you waiting for?